As an Aquarian, by nature being creative comes naturally and being self taught - art is a wonderful platform for self expression.   Most artists are defined by their 'style' of art, in truth I enjoy many styles and chose to explore and embrace them all, for certain though what will feature strongly in my 'style' of art are animals, nature and my spiritual connection to this earth and the greater expansion of spiritualism, therefore if I was too be known by a style it would be as a 'Visionary and Animal Artist'. 

Most of my working life has centred around animal related fields as an animal technician, veterinary nurse, veterinary homeopath, equine massage therapist, equine and canine bowen therapist and complimentary health therapist for animals, coupled with a life long love of horses, it was as they say a 'no brainer' that when it came to art this would be my first area of expression.

I love painting animals and at one point having studied iridology in depth, I strive to bring to life, the essence of the animal through their eyes, whilst connecting to their soul and chanelling their spirit.   Becoming a 'visionary artist' was a natural progression on from animals, as all of my pieces to date have animals featured within them. To learn more about 'visionary art' go to the GALLERY.   


Some of my art belongs to private collections, others have been generated and are available for purchase either the originals and also prints.  If you have an interest in any art pieces or ordering a commission please make CONTACT and we can discuss your ideas and prices.