There is no other animal that touches my soul more than horses do, they are truly sentient beings and I have loved them passionately from as far back as I can remember.   


As a child I was besotted with anything horse related, one bedroom wall was adorned with galloping horse wallpaper, bookshelves were weighted down with a sizeable collection of china horse ornaments and endless hours were spent cutting and pasting all manner of horse pictures from magazines and newspapers into scrap books.   In one corner of my bedroom on a saddle rack was all the kit for horse and human to go riding, thankfully my parents indulged my love of horses when they could by farming me out come school holidays to a relative or friend who had horses or horse riding centres who camped kids and although this scratched my itch to be around horses, it didn't stop that wish that every Christmas tied up to my favourite willow tree in our front yard in suburbia, would be my own horse.   Alas I had to wait a long time for that dream to become a reality and in my late teens Cassius Clay a part bred arab who could do tricks came into my life, filled my heart and brought many hours of joy.    Over the ensuring years, others have come and gone, each beautiful and special in their own unique way and always they leave me with more understanding, knowing and wisdom than I had when they first came along.


Horses have also featured strongly in my work as a Veterinary Nurse, Veterinary Homeopath, Equine Bowen & Massage Therapist and Instructor of Equine Bowen within my Bowen training college.  


Horses were the first and only animal I ever drew as a child and this was always for my own pleasure and remained so until I became a professional artist and undertook my first dog portrait commission in my early 50's.  


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