Visionary Art transcends beyond the physical world and embraces a wider vision of awareness encompassing intuitive, spiritual, magical and metaphysical.     As a 'Visionary Artist'  I use all of my intuititve senses otherwise known as 'clairs' when painting, remaining open to receiving guidance from beyond the veil, with a helpful dose of my own wonderful imagination! 


The first 'Tree of Life' painting took fold in late 2019 after an extended period of personal challenges that saw many doors close and a desire to step forward in light and love to the exciting new doors that now swung wide open, beckoning me to embrace my authentic spiritual self more fully.   On my journey of self exploration, I felt drawn to paint a tree in a magical setting that would represent 'my tree of life' and that which I hold and value as important to me at this point in time.    I wanted to gaze into this painting be that in meditation or when seeking answers via guidance, where my 'inner child' could dance with no division between imagination and reality, a world where anything was possible one just had to remain open to believing and receiving.    

Since then others have requested their own 'Tree of Life' each one as unique and tailored to that individual and their vision.  A common theme is a tree, a heart, down the rabbit hole door, a sky, a scene, animals and what ever else the person may desire in their painting.  They don't have to feature a tree, nor a heart or door down the rabbit hole, the painting could be whatever you want it to be.   


I LOVE painting these, if you would like your own special painting or perhaps order one for a friend as a gift - please make CONTACT and we can discuss canvas and artwork prices and I can provide you with a helpful list of ideas for creating your very own unique painting.